• 1 Sessions $4.95 Includes GST

    Low Back Release | Foam Roller

    $4.95 Includes GST
    A release of tension that can cause pain in the low back including a very gentle SIJ release to start with. Safety first as always – the way you move on and off the roller, position on the roller as well as maintaining muscular support of the low back during the movements is just as important as the releases themselves. Remember it is never safe to roll your low back. Lower levels are offered initially followed by progressions which are optional. Take a moment to lie on your back and assess how you feel both before and after the release so you will become aware of how effective this release is for you.

    1 Sessions $4.95 Includes GST

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    Calf Release | Foam Roller

    $4.95 Includes GST
    A gentle release of what can be a very uncomfortable area. Calves are notoriously tight and have a significant effect on how efficiently we are able to move. A very important release to ensure optimal function and alignment. This release focuses on the stuck stress in the calves with options to progress for those who feel that it is appropriate and tolerable to do so. This is a great release to do daily as a standalone sequence or use it prior to stretching to optimise the effectiveness of work you may already be doing.

    1 Sessions in , , $4.95 Includes GST